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Non-Candidates Reviews: We've had only a couple unhappy reviewers when their pet were deemed "Not A Candidate" for our dental cleaning procedure. These reviewers statements are not at all a true reflection the quaility or care we put into each unique pet. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide dental cleanings for their pets. Therefore, for these few reviewers, we were unable to make an "Impossible Task" happen.

When we are presented with a pet that needs anesthesia cleaning due to advanced oral health issues; is in extreme poor health and/or they are fearful - becoming aggressive; these pets are referred back to the owner's veterinarian. We will not endanger the health of our employees, nor will we endanger the health of a pet. The demeanor and the health of the pet will determine whether that pet will be a candidate or not.

We also have a group of Non-Clients marketing for the "Under General Anesthesia" dental cleanings for competitors on various social media group, which is unfortunate and unethical. These Non-Client reviews and postings are promoting and marketing for competitors that cannot be removed.

We work with California Licensed veterinarians at every one of our clinics. Waggin Smiles has Premise Permits issued by the California Veterinary Medical Board for each one of our clinic locations.
Pet owner anxious about pet's healthcare cost? Waggle is for owners who have social media friends and contacts. It is a crowd funding platform which may be a good way to ask for help from your friends for your pets healthcare costs.


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