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I took my dog to Waggin Smiles but it was in Burlingame at Pet Connection 2 and I am amazed at the results of my dog's teeth cleaning without anesthetic I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first but they took my dog in the back again when she emerged her teeth were White and her breath was at least 100% better thank you I would recommend you to anybody with a dog thank you Waggin Smiles.


I want to thank you and your staff for the kind attention given to two of my dogs upon our recent visit. Pimi's teeth cleaning went smoothly with the care and service provided being way above my expectations. For a normally nervous dog with strangers, Pimi was completely at ease. The expertise, professionalism and kindness was flawless.

With my other dog, Salt, who is 11 and suffering from congestive heart disease, tremendous care and concern went into the determination to forego cleaning his teeth. Jessie, the on site vet, and Dawn went to great lengths to make this determination, explaining the reasoning and offering alternative suggestions. In my opinion, this decision was based on high integrity and ethics with a genuine and professional concern for the 'patient'. It obviously was not based on the bottom line of the business.

I have represented many multinational companies over the past 25 years in my international law practice and these personal and business attributes stand out in any country. Therefore, I recommend Wagging Smiles without reservation and will be a repeat customer with all of my dogs.

With kind regards, Vikki

I booked an appointment for my Chihuahua/Dachshund X, Willow, to have her teeth cleaned. Both of her breeds are notorious for having dental issues, and I had already done the vet routine twice and at 12 lbs. and 9+ years, didn't want to put her under general anesthetic again. I had no idea how she would do, but her appointment was successful, and her kisses are MUCH sweeter! When we came to get her at the pet shop in Burlingame, she was calm and just hanging out waiting for us. I'll be making an appointment for my other dogs, Woody and Emma Rue, too, and I hope they do as well as Willow did!!

~Thanks so much- Aimee

Waggin Smiles is a highly ethical company with a full time vet on staff. Dawn is highly personable and professional and truly seems to care about providing the best service for you and your pet. I am writing this recommendation not only as a professional in the pet industry but also as a pet owner with concerns and worries about getting the best care for my pet. The care, time and attention provided by Waggin Smiles and its great team was outstanding. I felt that they really understood the concept of "treat the pet and the owner". Not only did they do an amazing job of cleaning my dog's teeth, but they also listened to me about any concerns, and offered advice and solutions. I have referred a number of clients to Waggin Smiles and everybody has given positive feedback about their experience."


Non-Anesthetic teeth cleaning for dogs, wow! Just had my dog's teeth cleaned on Friday (11/05), and want to share this because:

  • This was so much less stressful for my dog (than going with anesthesia at the vet.)
  • Anesthetic is a toxic substance which in some cases is not necessary.
  • It costs way less than at the vet.

The whole thing took an hour and was a very positive experience, considering that my dog is high strung and wary of strangers, and I am happy to share that (good for dogs, good for people). Waggin Smiles did the work; clean, creative, efficient. (not every dog is suitable; they'll let you know.)

Professional, caring and gentle. They took time to work with my dog. I was amazed by how much my dog seemed to relax. He even opened his mouth to have the insides of his teeth cleaned. If I hadn't seen this with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it.

- Sam

My dog Turbo had his teeth cleaned by Dawn for the first time last month. The results were amazing and the care and service Dawn provided went above and beyond my expectations.Turbo actually left Dawn's care a more happy and relaxed dog, and best of all, his teeth were completely plaque and tartar free.

Waggin Smiles offers a friendly and healthy teeth cleaning experience for dogs. After seeing the results first hand with my dog, I can tell that Dawn takes care of her patients by giving them the love and attention they need before, during, and after each session.

I highly recommend the services of Waggin Smiles. Best regards,

- Vindy

The awesome staff of this mobile anesthesia-free teeth cleaning service for dogs made my old doggie's yellow and plaqued teeth sparkle and shine! The vet and hygenist were SO good with my dog and he apparently behaved very well. This is just a great service if you're looking for an alternative to scary and expensive traditional anesthesia-based dog teeth cleaning. Waggin Smiles staff gently removes the dog's plaque and tartar by thoroughly cleaning the inner and outer surface of the teeth and under the gums without the use of any type of anesthesia.

I had my appointment at Bow Wow Meow in San Carlos. You can find out other mobile locations by emailing or calling them at 707-637-0841 or 707-360-5493. I'm sold and will be taking my dog back in six months for a follow-up.

- Katarina K., Belmont, CA


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